Local development initiatives


INITIATIVES IN NAFTACharitable donations and volunteering are a key part of CNH Industrial’s community involvement in the NAFTA Region. Requests for funding or charitable donations are reviewed quarterly by the Contributions Board, prioritizing causes that would benefit education, civic and community improvement, health services, or arts and culture in the communities where our employees live and work. CNH Industrial and its brands finance long-term projects in partnership with key charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way and the American Cancer Society as well as making high-impact, one-off contributions such as the donation of farm equipment to the Forgotten Harvest organization in October 2013. Forgotten Harvest (www.forgottenharvest.org) is an organization based in Detroit, Michigan (USA) that assists families in difficulty by delivering fresh food and prepared meals. Case IH and New Holland Agriculture donated about €300 thousand worth of equipment to help increase the production capacity of the organization’s farm. In support of cultural initiatives, CNH Industrial donated €126 thousand to the Stuhr Museum Foundation in Grand Island, Nebraska (USA). The museum preserves and portrays life in the era of the pioneering town builders who created the first communities in Nebraska. Every year, families of plant employees can enjoy a tour of the museum on Family Day (see also page 53).

Fighting homelessness

Since 2007, CNH Industrial has supported Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org) by raising funds and building homes for those in need in American communities where the Company has plants. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that tackles poverty and builds housing for the homeless. First started in 1976, the Company has since built more than 800 thousand homes worldwide, providing shelter for over four million people.

Employees supporting the initiative step away from their desks during work hours to assist in the various building phases: laying foundations, fitting windows and doors, and carrying out electrical work. This year, CNH Industrial employees helped build one home in Racine, Wisconsin (USA) and one near its facility in Burr Ridge, Illinois (USA). In 2013, 105 employees came out to help in the build, dedicating 550 work hours. In addition, employee and Company donations raised nearly €18 thousand for the organization. Since 2007, CNH Industrial has donated more than €314 thousand to Habitat for Humanity. On a scale of one to five, the social impact assessment tool rated the project’s beneficial impact as follows: 2.3 on people, 2.6 on the organization, 3.2 on business and no impact on the environment.

Aware of the problems that the homeless face, CNH Industrial also began a collaboration with the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO - www.haloinc.org). The organization is committed to preventing homelessness in Racine County, Wisconsin (USA), and has a user base of a thousand people per year. In 2013, CNH Industrial donated nearly €38 thousand to create shelters and to fund services and support coordination activities. Since 2011, CNH Industrial has donated almost €113 thousand to HALO.

United Way

United Way

CNH Industrial carried on its long-standing support for United Way (www.liveunited.org) in 2013, a non-governmental organization present in 45 countries around the world that helps the needy gain access to primary care, with particular emphasis on education and health. To support United Way in its mission, CNH Industrial collected donations through an annual email campaign targeted at its USA employees (over 11 thousand workers), as well as holding several fundraisers run by employees including outings organized at the Company’s various locations. Together, CNH Industrial and its employees donated more than €1.2 million in 2013. On a scale of one to five, the social impact assessment tool rated the project’s benefits as follows: 3.7 for people, 4.1 for the organization, 2.9 for business and no impact for the environment.

For four years, CNH Industrial and its employees have participated as a team in Relay for Life (www.relayforlife.org), a group-based, 24-hour fundraising walk for the American Cancer Society. In 2013, through employee fundraising and social contributions, CNH Industrial’s team was able to raise nearly €75 thousand for the organization. Digging For A Cure is a parallel project conceived by Marvin Linder, a designer at Case in Burlington, United States. Marvin lost his wife to breast cancer, and wanted to do something worthwhile for the community and for Relay for Life, an event he participated in. Consequently, after seeing a pink fire truck, Marvin got an idea to paint a Case backhoe loader pink. The rose-colored machine displaying the slogan “Digging For A Cure” served the dual aim that of raising funds for research and raising awareness on the importance of cancer prevention. It was used in several fundraising charity events across the United States, before extending the fundraising to Europe. After the 2013 Bauma trade fair, pink toy models of the Case backhoe loader were put on sale to raise funds for cancer research. The initiative was taken up by the sales network in Germany, which donated €800 to the Brustkrebs Deutschland breast cancer organization for every new piece of Heavy-Line equipment ordered between the beginning of October and the end of December. This was a joint donation made by Case and the dealership, and did not affect the purchase price of the equipment. The same project was also adopted by New Holland Construction for the Stiftung Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe foundation, for children’s cancer research. 
In Italy, as always, Iveco sponsored the Pro Am della Speranza golf tournament, raising €183 thousand that went entirely to the Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research, for the purchase of high-tech equipment for the Anatomical Pathology Department at the Institute of Candiolo. In Australia, Iveco donated more than €2 thousand to the Otis Foundation (www.otisfoundation.org.au) in Melbourne. The Otis Foundation provides free accommodation to reduce the psychological impact that living with breast cancer has on women, their families and communities, through a national network of high-quality retreats.


INITIATIVES IN EMEAIn the EMEA Region, CNH Industrial puts greater emphasis on road safety (see also page 90) and projects that prioritize education, especially for young people (see also page 92). Activities centered around the theme of food were also given priority, taking the form of a collaboration with Slow Food (an organization linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to local communities and the environment) and participation in Expo Milano 2015. During 2013, two projects were launched involving several CNH Industrial plants in Italy: CiboAmico at the plants in Modena and San Matteo, and Siticibo at the Trucks and Commercial Vehicles and Powertrain zone in Turin.INITIATIVES IN EMEA

The purpose of the project is to ensure that leftover food from the cafeterias is saved and distributed to those in need. The project was made possible thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between the Company, the manager of Compass cafeterias, and Porta Aperta, a local, non-profit volunteer organization in Modena that deals with social development, human services, and tackling hardship. At the plant cafeterias in Modena, in one year this project saved nearly two tons of food, which is the equivalent of about 10 thousand meals (or over 23 thousand servings). In the Turin area on the other hand, surplus food is collected by the Fondazione Banco Alimentare (Food Bank Foundation), which organizes its redistribution.

For the fourth consecutive year, together with CNH Industrial the non-profit foundation Fondazione Forma organized the Santa Claus on Wheels initiative to raise money for the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin. On Sunday, 1 December, over 2,500 people, all wearing Santa Claus costumes, joined in the event at the Industrial Village in Turin. When the long parade of Santas riding quad bikes, scooters or bicycles arrived at the hospital, they were greeted by a crowd of 12 thousand, also all dressed up as Santa Claus. The funds raised selling costumes were donated to the advanced medical simulation project Istruzioni per la vita (Instructions for Life).

Iveco donated two Daily Combis to the Italian Paralympic Winter Sports Federation (FISIP) to accompany the athletes on their busy European schedule. From December 2013 until the Paralympics in Sochi in 2014, the Dailys are the official vehicles, transporting athletes to international sporting events from the Netherlands to Sweden via Germany and Austria. The bond between Iveco and the Paralympic champions was also demonstrated last summer when an Iveco Daily converted into a campervan was given to Vittorio Podestà. Vittorio Podestà is a hand cycle and Paralympic athlete in the Barilla Blue Team, as well as a multiple-medal winner.santa

The link between FPT Industrial and the Walkirye yacht is just as meaningful. The parents of Niky Frascisco, who has severe congenital bronchial asthma, built this yacht in their backyard in 2003. This way he could live a healthy life at sea, without having to take medicine or go to the hospital. In 2006, Niky was appointed UNICEF Junior Ambassador for educational rights, and in June of the same year, FPT Industrial gave the Frascisco family a NEF 370 330hp auxiliary engine for the yacht. To commemorate Niky’s eighth year of sailing, FPT intends to show its support again by donating a Cursor8 330hp engine.

A Thousand Gardens in Africa

In 2013, CNH Industrial renewed its commitment to communities in Africa. Specifically, Iveco backed the A Thousand Gardens in Africa project (www.slowfoodfoundation.com/athousandgardens), promoted by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, a non-profit organization. The project focuses on bringing together the farming experience, community sharing, and educational and knowledge-spreading initiatives, while respecting different environments, socioeconomic scenarios and cultures. As part of this project, Iveco is supporting the Ethiopian Presidium for the camel milk of the Karrayyu shepherds, a cooperative made up of over forty herdsmen created to safeguard Karrayyu heritage and to support the production of their main product. One of the main obstacles to this project was the community’s lack of means of transporting produce from farms to major cities. To solve the problem, Iveco donated one of its light-duty vehicles, the Leoncino, to the cooperative in Ethiopia. The Leoncino is designed for African and Middle Eastern markets; the Iveco dealer network in Ethiopia keeps spare parts in stock and provides assistance. It is equipped with a cold storage unit so that community members can transport up to a dozen 50-liter cans of milk from Matahara to Addis Ababa every day, a journey that takes over four hours.

Plant for the Planet

In partnership with Tree-Nation, New Holland planted 120 Moringa trees in the Dosso region of Niger as part of its Clean Energy Leader strategy. This initiative is part of a larger project aimed at planting over 50 thousand trees during 2013 to combat desertification and climate change, as well as helping to alleviate local poverty and malnutrition. The leaves of the Moringa tree are a rich source of protein and vitamin A, B and C, and contain more than four times the calcium of an equivalent quantity of milk. They can also be used as cattle feed, and test results show that when cattle are fed Moringa leaves, weight gain and milk output increase significantly. 


Tree-Nation is a global community that manages a platform for financing reforestation projects that positively impact the local economy, creating jobs and promoting sustainable farming practices. Its Plant for the Planet campaign (www.plant-for-theplanet.org/en) was backed by the United Nations Environment Program


INITIATIVES IN LATAMCNH Industrial has a strong presence in Brazil, with seven plants, and keeps close relations with local communities. Indeed, CNH Industrial companies have long made promoting local development a priority, creating special ad hoc programs. Social activities are selected according to three major themes: regional development, support for culture (art, music and literature) and the promotion of sports among disadvantaged young people (see also page 88). For example, in 2007, Case Construction Equipment and Case IH set up the Case Multiação program (www.casemultiacao.com.br) in the surroundings of the Sorocaba plant; in 2008, Iveco launched the Proximo Passo project (www.proximopassoiveco.com.br) for the communities of Sete Lagoas and Uberlândia. Finally, since 2012, New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction have supported the Plantar & Construir program in Minas Gerais.

In 2013, there were various regional development activities. The Case Multiação program supported the Pintura Solidária cultural organization for the Tom O Pintura (The Tone of the Painting) project in Sorocaba. The project encourages children, adolescents, adults and the elderly to express their creativity through painting. Workshops are held at hospitals, daycare centers and organizations assisting children with psychological problems and in the care of social workers, to raise self-esteem, strengthen patients’ immune systems and develop the motor skills of children with physical disabilities. In 2013, Pintura Solidária celebrated its first ten years. During this time-frame an average of 12 thousand people per month attended the organization, and over 500 thousand have taken part across sixty districts within the Region. INITIATIVES IN LATAM

Case Multiação also backed the São José project, which runs centers in the outskirts of the city through the Pastoral do menor organization. These facilities are an open space where the local community can carry out its own educational and recreational activities. During 2013, more than 2,500 vulnerable people visited these centers, including families, children, and young people up to age 19. Again, to meet the needs of disadvantaged children, the program sponsored the Centro de Equoterapia e Saúde Aziz, enrolling three children for a year of therapeutic horse riding, a form of therapy that uses horses to benefit health, education and well-being. Case Multiação also donated resources to the Amigos dos Autistas de Sorocaba organization to fund work at the group’s headquarters. In 2013, under the Plantar & Construir program, the Oficinas de dança Contemporânea e de percussão organization launched a contemporary dance and percussion initiative in Minas Gerais. The classes were made up of vulnerable young people aged between eight and thirteen.

In the Sete Lagoas region, Iveco backed the Socio Educativo Integrado project, aimed at offering young people in the public school system in disadvantaged areas workshops in art and culture, music, sports, languages and computation. The goal is to strengthen young people’s relationship with family and society, as well as to provide extracurricular activities to boost intellectual and professional development. Since 2012, the FPT Industrial plant in Sete Lagoas joined a program organized by the Chico Mendes Institute in Paraopeba to donate wood leftover from packaging to carpentry workshops employing young people through social reintegration programs. The wood is reused to make furniture, toys and other objects for schools and organizations in need.

In 2013, sixty tons of wood were donated.

CNH Industrial also made donations to Pequeno Príncipe Hospital in Curitiba and Barretos Hospital in the state of São Paulo. Finally, through postcards, emails and posters, the Natal Solidário (Christmas Solidarity) campaign encouraged CNH Industrial employees to help the surrounding communities. The campaign collected 1,800 gifts for needy children.


One of the cultural activities the Company promotes in this area is the CNH Economic Journalism Award, formerly the Fiatallis Award, created in 1993. The award is bestowed on members of the press and is intended to encourage quality news reporting and spark debate on the Brazilian economy by giving positive recognition to the material and industry relations that contribute to the country’s development. On a related theme, the ninth edition of the New Holland Award for photojournalism was held. The competition received nearly 3,000 photos from about 670 professional or amateur photographers in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. The Plantar & Construir project continued to support the Associação Cultural Sempre Um Papo, which organizes regular lectures and discussions with leading writers and intellectuals.

The meetings are held in the state capital of Minas Gerais and elsewhere within the state.

Iveco also sponsored the restoration of Redemption Theater, one of the most important historical buildings in Sete Lagoas. Once the work is complete, the community will have a new space to hold cultural events and shows.

 cultural activities

In 2013, the Case Multiação program backed the Formação de Atletas Vânia e Vanira center in Sorocaba to promote sports among disadvantaged young people. The center uses basketball classes as a tool for social inclusion and a way to access culture and spend free time constructively. This NGO assists around seven hundred children and young people. In addition to offering them sports, food, transportation, uniforms and training materials, it also provides cultural tours, counseling, teaching, medical assessments and guidance in health care and personal hygiene. To further encourage children from seven to 16 years old to play sports, Case Multiação is sponsoring the Arremesso para o Amanhã (Shoot for Tomorrow) project in partnership with the Basketball League (LSB). The project saw the participation of 170 children and, in the 16 years since its launch, more than a thousand young, promising future athletes have taken part. Again in the northern districts of Sorocaba, the program backed the Bola da Vez organization, which offered soccer training to 1,100 children and young people from seven to 17 years old.

For the second year in a row, Case Multiação supported Kart Solidário (Christmas without Hunger). One of the major sports festivals has turned a passion for karting into a charity event. This year the goal was to collect €70 thousand to be sent to 35 organizations in Sorocaba, Votorantim, Piedade and Salto. The event was attended by more than six hundred people, benefiting over thirty organizations by donating seventy tons of food.



INITIATIVES IN APACCNH Industrial has a strong presence in the emerging markets of the APAC Region, an opportunity for the Company to share expertise and solidarity with local communities.

This close relationship has assumed a major role over the past year in terms of the initiatives developed. Key among these were those offering solidarity to the people of the areas affected by natural disasters, such as floods in India and the typhoon that hit the Philippines last November.

In Australia, Case IH sponsored the Next Gen Step Up! Conference, organized by the Australian Cane Farmers Association to foster dialogue on sustainability, innovation and new agricultural practices, and to encourage knowledge transfer between young and established sugar cane farmers. Also in farming, Case IH sponsored the Southern Precision Agriculture Association, a non-profit independent group formed in 2002 to promote the development and adoption of precision agriculture technologies.

In Chongqing (China), the SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle joint venture sponsored the Keep the Desert Away, Art & Water photographic exhibition organized by Centro Studi Galileo. The exhibition photos were auctioned and the money raised was donated to the Hope Primary School in Baojia Town.


CNH Industrial always aims to respond rapidly to the needs of people struck by natural disasters. CNH Industrial companies channel resources (vehicles, and financial and technical support) to aid the communities affected, as well as liaise for employees who would like to assist in the relief efforts.

In spring 2013, many countries where CNH Industrial plants are located were hit by adverse weather conditions, putting them under considerable strain. CNH Industrial and its employees donated over €76 thousand to the American Red Cross to support relief for those affected by the devastating tornado that hit the United States Midwest in November 2013. CNH Industrial worked with its dealers to deploy recovery vehicles in Gilford, Illinois (USA) and also donated four pallets of basic necessities to the people of Peoria, Illinois (USA) including: toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, work gloves, shovels, and rakes.

CNH Industrial employees in Goodfield, Illinois (USA) donated €1,600 in vouchers to the local Red Cross to assist the families affected.

In Europe, Case Construction Equipment vehicles were at the forefront in efforts to return devastated areas back to normality; from the very start, they provided effective emergency relief, repaired damage and assisted the thousands of people displaced from their homes. In northern Spain, bridges, roads, houses and woods were affected by heavy rains, which led to the flooding of the Garonne River in the Catalan province of Val d’Aran (near Lerida). The emergency was dealt with quickly and effectively, the first relief workers arriving on the scene with Case Construction Equipment vehicles only shortly after the river had begun to flood.partecipation

In Austria, over 22 thousand hectares of farmland were seriously damaged by floods. To clear the particularly hard-hit area around the River Don of mud and debris, a Case 721F wheel loader and a Case IH tractor were used. The new Case dealership in Erlangen, Bavaria (Germany) rapidly dispatched a backhoe and an excavator to the Bavarian town of Deggendorf, one of the areas worst affected by the floods.

Case also donated €5 thousand to one of the families in Deggendorf badly affected by the emergency. On the same day, NMB, a Case supplier specializing in attachments, provided a demolish grip to be used with the Case equipment in Deggendorf.

In June 2013, a severe storm hit the state of Uttarakhand in northern India, lasting several days and causing devastating floods and landslides; this was the worst natural disaster to strike the country since the 2004 tsunami. On this occasion, New Holland Agriculture, in line with past efforts, raised almost €13 thousand for victims of the storm; Case Construction Equipment India donated €7,800.

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines, CNH Industrial teamed up with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to give concrete aid to the international relief effort with the supply of a fleet of five earth-moving vehicles and tractors. The equipment was used for the clearance and reconstruction of the affected areas. In addition, the Company launched a fund-raising campaign among its employees in support of the victims of the typhoon, and undertook to match the amount raised. At the same time, another fundraising campaign was launched by the employees of the plant in Saskatoon (Canada). The Company matched the amount raised by employees for the Red Cross, donating a total of over €15 thousand.

In April, a violent storm hit the area of Buenos Aires (Argentina). The flood, which killed over 50 people, devastated the area of La Plata and left many families homeless and without possessions. In a show of solidarity, CNH Industrial employees working at the Garin plant collected and donated food, mineral water, mattresses, blankets and diapers, to give immediate help to people affected by the flooding.

Sustainability Plan

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